First Lite is excited to be partnered with ASAT Camo – the best, most versatile camo pattern in the field. Why did we choose ASAT?

Unlike animals, humans are able to see many different shades of each color. Where animals excel is in their ability to determine distances, especially distances of objects under cover. While most camouflage patterns look very realistic up close, when you view them from even a short distance they appear as a dark blob. The ultimate camouflage should not only disguise the hunter but also break up his outline. ASAT breaks up the hunter’s outline even at close range. This camouflage becomes even more effective with distance and can make the hunter totally disappear into his natural surroundings.

Rather than a particular pattern of leaves, sticks or bark, ASAT uses large irregular curved shapes of overlapping colors which create voids and shadows that effectively make it appear as though nothing is there. ASAT is made up of shades of brown, tan and black. The brown and black colors represent the background and shadows found in all terrains and in all seasons. The tan color reflects the surrounding colors into which it is placed. This allows the hunter to ‘blend’ into his surroundings instead of sticking out from them.

After testing almost every camouflage pattern made, it became clear that there was only one pattern that worked in all conditions in every season. ASAT is unquestionably the most effective camouflage on the market.