Matthews Lost Camo®

Was developed by Mathews® founder, Matt McPherson and team. It has a distinctive horizontal look that is designed to get lost in the trees above. Lost Camo® is equally effective in all kinds of terrain, western draws, fence lines, rocky hillsides, or the Texas brush. The colors in Lost Camo® are found everywhere in the country, 12 months of the year. The Lost Camo® pattern is larger than most patterns on the market, which means it will stay effective even at long distances. Designed by a bowhunter, for bowhunters, Lost® is the perfect addition to any bowhunters gear bag.

Lost Camo® is one of the largest camo patterns on the market designed specifically for bowhunters.

The average camo pattern is composed of 25” x 25” frames, whereas Lost Camo® frames are 60” x 40”. This ensures that the garments are never perceived as a solid color, even at 1000 yards. The unique pattern has shelf appeal and optimal functionality for bowhunters.