Tags Service

We are the first and only Tag service company specializing in free tags for three of Hawaii’s big game animals, Axis Deer, Black Tail Deer and European Mouflon. This service is done free of charge, we only require that customers be responsible for the return postage.

We also will handle all of your North American Big Game Animals Tag application process throughout the west. Our Cost for the first animal in a single State is $45.00 each additional species is $7.50 per State.

For example:

Colorado First species Elk is $45.00

Big Horn Sheep $ 7.50

Mule Deer $ 7.50

Moose $ 7.50

Grand Total= $ 67.50

Arizona First species Elk is $45.00

Mule Deer $ 7.50

Black Bear $ 7.50

Grand Total= $60.00

Please make sure that your credit card will be able to cover the upfront tag fees and license cost. We will apply you in the most desirable units in the State of your choosing. Let us help you draw those coveted tags.

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